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Our data recovery lab is in need to obtain a donor hard drive(s) for parts. The hard drive(s) do(es) not have to be brand new, BUT must be in the working condition, recognizable by computer BIOS, able to read and write by all heads.

We may purchase the drive(s) containing some bad sectors, but in that case you must check the drive(s) by writing at least 8 millions of sectors (about 4 Gb) consecutively using some direct disk editor utility tool. You may fill the sectors with some hex values (FF or any other) starting from any LBA position. This is a test for heads.

Please provide the result of test in the memo with the drive(s)for our techs to review, along with the price and information on how to complete the purchase.

(Memo example: From X to Y LBA writing was OK).

Wanted drives for parts:

  1. 2.5 inch Seagate FreePlay with SN starting with Z100
  2. 2.5 inch Seagate FreePlay with SN starting with 9YE

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