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History of Results in Customer Reviews

A few of many data recovery facts in the long history of successful recoveries in our lab

The real cases are presented here to demonstrate the common hard drive problems and its recovery solutions.

UFT student,
FAILED DEVICE: Hitachi 5K250-250. Someone dropped the laptop in its bag from the chair, and the hard disk became dislodged in the computer. Successful 99+% data restoration! Great news for me: No corrupted data were detected among any of important files, and they all in perfect condition.
Boston Massachusetts, USA
Apple hard drive with Mac OS X Mavericks v10.9.5, Mac OS Extended (Case-sentive, journaled). Stopped mounting, then stopped recognizing with error message (the system asked to format only), then stopped seeing on Disk utility and other disc managers. Tried to recover at two reliable computer-repair sites in the city, but they failed the process. Well done.
Unable to access the external mobile Hitachi 2Tb drive, HDS723020BLA642 on the label. The damaged HDD was tampered with before and possibly overused in previously undertaken recovery or testing and repairing attempts. The disk-platters were scratched and beyond recoverable. Unrecoverable drive was returned to the customer.
Brandon L.,
FAILED DEVICE: External HDP725050GLA360 Hard Drive 500Gb is not powering on at all. Removed from the case and plugged directly into desktop computer. The computer does not turn on if it is plugged in, but same computer is able to start without other influence after drive in question is disconnected from the system. All files are OK, thank you.
Andrew G.
Clicking and noisy Western Digital 1Tb with model number: WD10EARS-00Y5B1. The drive has original parts. I believe the drive was damaged during a move I made from one apartment to another. No recovery attempts have been made other than other computer stores telling me the conventional methods are unable to recognize or read the drive - therefore it requires a clean room in order to be fixed. It is a really successful data recovery, thank you.
Data recovery was requested to extract pictures, movies and documents from Seagate FreePlay 1000Gb external hard drive. The major failure symptom is the repetitive clicking sound. Last time when drive was USB-connected, the repeating small click and beep happened. Data was recovered and shipped to client.
Seagate 7200.11 ST3500620AS 500Gb, a desktop Hard Drive. Unable to access the drive, but yesterday still was able to see all directories but cannot access the files. The payment has been received. Thank you! UPS Package with recovered data is scheduled to be shipped out on 12/01/2014, the UPS tracking number is provided.
Matt J., Toronto, ON
FAILED DEVICE: External Hard Drive 1500 Gb. Clicking or noisy sound -Mac OS 10.6 -drive tipped over on desk while running and won't mount The hard drive content is very important, especially two folders... Even though the partial recovery was only available due to damage to the drive during the fall, yet I am very grateful for your work in the attempt to salvage my work. The recovered data are very important and not replicable by all means.
Siavash P. from North York, ON
Unable to access broken WD6400BPVT-55HX2T2 640 Gb laptop type hard drive. Finally, I could transfer the total amount. So, would you please send me the hard disk containing my recovered data. Once again, thanks for your great job.
Mr. Viktor O. from Toronto
Water Damage to WD1600BEVS 160 Gb External Drive. All requested files were salvaged.
Joseph L. from Toronto
Clicking dead Toshiba ma1059gsm 2.5 inch drive 1000 Gb External Drive. The drive was dropped on the floor All important files were saved.
SD Solution - LONGUEUIL Quebec, Canada
Hitachi 0j23335 3rgs882s 500 Gb Hard Drive; Machine stopped working, drive seem RAW. Requested data were successfully restored.
Bryn M. from Toronto, Canada
External box with failed Western Digital WD1500EADS 1.5Tb drive. Done OK.
ProServeIT Corporation from Mississauga
Unable to retrieve files after a BIOS update on the laptop left the OS unable to boot. Files were unrecoverable with all previous attempts.

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