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Data Recovery Partners

Who are our partners? A repair shop

The computer stores / shops that provide the computer repair services are the majority of our partners. Some of them are quiet the large businesses; some are as small as one-man business. No matter how large or small the business is, nor how often they can refer data recovery job to our lab to work on – we equally treat our partners with utmost respect and appreciation, as one of our own.

We submit the strict rule of non-disclosure any information of our partners, as some of our partners are the other data recovery companies, by all means - the natural competitors in the business, but yet they do transfer the most of their complicated cases out to us. We all have a mutual goal - keeping the customers happy.

Our task is to recruit more partners from IT departments, tech support, or among consultants, professionals, managers, website owners, and other individuals who are interested in the outsourcing the delicate data storage devices - the right people in this business. Those kinds of people are the best candidates to become the partners with us. There is no geography limit, i.e. does not matter where you are at, as long as you are a tech-inclined and motivated person wishing to participate in our global world-wide partnership project.

Would you like to be our partner?

To get into the data recovery partnership with us you need to know a few general facts about the industry.

The best way to start is to get familiar with the process by requesting the data recovery job as a regular client. This way you will get a full picture of a data recovery process – step-by-step experience – from placing an online service order to receiving the finalized data recovery report containing the result of the process – then you’ll be the judge of its completion and whether it’s worth it to purchase the retrieved files, or not. The decision is all yours, as there is no obligation to pay should you not be satisfied by that result.

It is not only a good training school in this area, when you will learn the data retrieval language, but also get the main business ideas in partnership with our reliable team of researches and engineers, who are ready to perform the most complicated tasks for people having major data loss problem.

When you get familiar with the whole process and have no questions remain about the nuances, you may obtain any additional partnership information and become our official partner. Send your request and you will be granted with our partnership. All applications from businesses, IT departments, managers, technicians, as well as salespersons, domain name owners, web-designers, and other individuals willing to work with us, will be carefully proceeded in the timely fashion.