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RAID Reconstruction

If No Data - No Charge Guarantee

No hustles and no initial fees. You get the quality customer service and your data recovered or you do not pay a penny.

We understand that losing critical data can be an incredibly stressful and emotional experience, especially if the cause of the data loss is a mystery. Thankfully, our professional and compassionate data recovery team is committed to making sure your entire data recovery process is clear, informative, and stress-free.

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RAID Recovery and Repair

Hard drive data recovery becomes more complicated when single or multiple failed drives are a part of RAID system. DataRecovery-ON experts offer professional help in the most complicated array-crash scenarios. You may be surprised by our humble pricing for the guaranteed result in solving most complex and technically challenging data restoration tasks that our engineers deal with daily.

We hope that you or your techs are able timely to recognize the right moment and stop further RAID data degradation. There is nothing worse than panic behavior of RAID administrators. Tossing hot-swappable hard drives around with no knowledge what is going on - could render data to unrecoverable.

So, the first step for the successful data recovery must be done at user's end is to shut down the server or computer with array and let our professionals do the job. If you decide to remove the drives from the server and deliver the bare drives only to the lab, properly label each one of the drives in the same order they were installed in the RAID device.

Also we need your detailed RAID description (email/paperwork/online form). Tell us all known details about your RAID structure, as well as symptoms and events accompanying the RAID crash and data loss. As soon as we finish extracting data from your array, you will see recoverable data online. Browse your data to make sure your files are there before purchasing an actual data. The status and progress of your case can be always viewed online when you logged into your case.

Our specialists use advanced data recovery tools and techniques to repair, recover and rebuild inaccessible data from all types of RAID systems and situations such as:

  • Any RAID level, RAID controller or RAID architecture
  • Any hard drive type, make or model
  • All causes of data loss - from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations, including data loss resulting from human error, natural disasters, power loss or surge, logical or mechanical failures and viruses.

Note: Attempting to recover a RAID without an experienced data recovery specialist can put your critical data at further risk. When hardware malfunction is a component of the problem, permanent destruction of data can occur with failed recovery attempts.

RAID Usage Tips

  1. Never replace a failed drive with a drive that was part of a previous RAID system; always zero out the replacement drive before using
  2. If a drive is making unusual mechanical noises, turn it off immediately and get assistance
  3. Have a valid backup before making hardware or software changes
  4. Label the drives with their position in a RAID array
  5. Do not run volume repair utilities on suspected bad drives
  6. Do not run de-fragment utilities on suspected bad drives
  7. In a power loss situation with a RAID array, if the file system looks suspicious, or is un-mountable, or the data is inaccessible after power is restored, do not run volume repair utilities

Due to the highly technical nature of RAID recoveries, an important step to take when choosing a data recovery provider is to ensure that the provider has the capacity to take on large and highly complex recovery jobs. Many data recovery providers do not have enough resources or expertise to handle a successful RAID recovery. Shop around - choose wisely.

Here is the list of few of the most recent RAID servers, external RAID storages and other arrays of HDD that were successfully recovered or repaired in DataRecovery-ON laboratory.


My Book Mirror Edition

My Book Studio Edition II

My Book World Edition II



BlackBox USB2.0/1394

V1 4 Bays USB


Synology RAIDs

Cube Station 4-bay SATA NAS (Network Attached Server)

Rack Station 4-bay NAS SErver (Network Attached Server)

Disk Station 4-bay SATA NAS (Network Attached Server)

Rack Station NAS Server (Network Attached Server)

Disk Station 4-bay 2.5' HDD NAS (Network Attached Server)

Disk Station 2-bay SATA NAS (Network Attached Server)

Disk Station 5-bay SATA NAS (Network Attached Server)


Seagate RAIDs

BlackArmor NAS 110 ST310005MNA10G-RK

BlackArmor NAS 220 ST320005LSA10G-RK

BlackArmor NAS 330 STAW3000100



OneTouch III Turbo Edition Raid 0



2big Dual eSATA / USB2.0

Big Disk Extreme+ Dual eSATA/USB2.0

2big Network (2-disk RAID)

Big Disk Extreme+ Triple FW400&800/USB2.0

2big Triple FW400 & 800 / USB2.0

Little Big Disk Quadra eSATA/USB/FW400&800

Ethernet Big Disk USB2.0

FireWire & USB Little Big Disk RAID 0

Ethernet Disk RAID

4big Quadra FW400 & 800 / eSATA

Biggest Quadra eSATA / FW400 & 800 / USB2.0

Biggest S2S (5disk RAID)

5big Network


Iomega RAIDs

Double Series USB2.0

StorCenter Network Storage

UltraMax Double FW800/FW400/USB 2.0

UltraMax PRO eSATA/USB 2.0

UltraMax PRO FW800/FW400/USB 2.0

StorCenter Pro NAS Server (Network Attached Server)

StorCenter Pro NAS Rackmount Server


Fantom RAIDs

G-Force MegaDisk FireWire/USB 2.0 MDC1000

G-Force MegaDisk NAS Network Attached Storage MDN1000

G-Force MegaDisk USB 2.0 MDU1000

G-Force MegaDisk eSATA/USB2.0 MDE1000


Buffalo RAIDs

LinkStation Mini NAS (Network Attached Storage) LSWS10TGLR1

TeraStation Pro II 1TB Rackmount NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSRH10TGLR5

TeraStation Duo 2-Bay NAS (Network Attached Server) Drive TSWX10TLR1

LinkStation Pro Duo NAS (Network Attached Storage) LSW10TGLR1

TeraStation Pro II 1TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSH10TGLR5

LinkStation Quad Shared Network Storage LSQ10TLR5

TeraStation III 2TB 4-Bay NAS (Network Attached Server) Drive TSX20TLR5

TeraStation Pro II 2TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSH20TGLR5

TeraStation Duo 2TB Dual Drive NAS (Network Attached Server) Server TSWX20TLR1

TeraStation Pro II 2TB Rackmount NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSRH20TGLR5

TeraStation Pro II 4TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSH40TGLR5

TeraStation III 4TB Network Attached Storage TSX40TLR5

TeraStation Pro II 4TB Rackmount NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSRH40TGLR5

TeraStation Pro II 6TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSH60TGLR5

TeraStation Pro II 6TB Rackmount NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSRH60TGLR5

TeraStation III 6TB Network Attached Storage TSX60TLR5

TeraStation III 8TB Network Attached Storage TSX80TLR5

TeraStation Pro II 8TB Rackmount NAS (Network Attached Storage) TSRH80TGLR5