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Packaging and Shipping Safe transportation

Is it safe to ship hard drive?

Few simple tips that will allow you to adequately and safely package and ship a computer hard disk drive or other data media device to the data recovery facility.

» Guard against static electricity

To eliminate the chance of static electricity shock to the drives have an electronics board place it into an anti-static bag or wrap with aluminum foil.

» Use bubble wrap to wrap the hard drive or foam-rubber cushioning Bubble wrap for protection

Proper cushioning will safely protect your drive from the transportation damage. If you neglect the proper anti-shock packaging, the internal heads assembly may move from its parking position and land on the data zone, caused by accidental excessive G force (dropping). It might add an extra time and recovery efforts to retrieve your data.

Using bubble wrap will allow much better protection for the drive. Wrap around the device about 2-4 inch thick layer of it; tape the bubble wrap on both ends to prevent the hard drive from falling out of the bubble wrap during transit. Make sure that the hard drive won't move around inside the box while being shipped – give it a shake. If there are gaps between the wrapped drive and box walls, put in more stuffing in gaps, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, rubber foam, crumpled paper - will do just fine. The insides must be tightly positioned – no moving.

Foam Rubber Cushions

Airbag Cushions

But do NOT use airbag cushions to pack the drive. Most likely the airbags will be deflated during the shipping, causing banging the drive around empted box.

» Choose a shipping company with tracking

This allows you to watch the package delivery progress to the lab.