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No Obligation Rule

Are you really obliged to pay for the recovered data if the result is not what you expected?

Relax and be patient before you get the result of the data retrieval process. Generally, there is always risk of losing something at some point in the life and your computer files are not an exception, unfortunately. But! With the time-proved professional service the chance of saving your digital activity is yet very high, especially if you have not overused your drive after its initial crash.

With DataRecovery-ON there is no need to worry at least about the obligation to purchase the unwanted data, i.e. when you are not happy with the data recovery process outcome. It is to the point when you make the decision of take it or leave it.

The report of salvaged files is like a benchmark for you to analyze how good the result is to match your expectations. There is no way to neither disguise nor hide the lack of lost files in the report. And the respectful company will never keep the truth from the client. As for DataRecovery-ON - we do not accept any sorts of pre-, or payments till the moment we are sure that that you have received our records of the completed job, and have no unanswered questions. That said you do not have to worry in regarding to making the payment for something you do not want or need. As is for us, we would rather lose on your case, but not cheapen and keep up the company’s reputation as honest, knowledgeable one of best in the industry.