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Get data back

What should I do to get my data back?

The process of getting the retrieved data from failed device to your computer is very simple and straightforward.

  1. When we finalize the recovery process we will give you a report for your approval
  2. If you have questions about the data recovery result, tell the technician to check integrity of selected files by opening them with specified software. Even if you have any doubts, you should never hesitate to ask the lab staff for extra proofs - like giving you the extra file examples (pictures, documents, screenshots from the running software like database engine or email client)
  3. When you certain in successful recovery results for your files, you may proceed with payment and get your data back. We will copy saved files on your spare media and it will be deliver to your door with our designated currier and selected priority service by your choice. The original drive image or retrieved files will be kept for few days as temporary backup and extra data safety guarantee. You may request an extra copy at no charge during this period of time. There is no refund on service, but an extra recovery attempt will be done for you if you missed something important but by some reason did not tell before.