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About Us

Conveniently located labs in the USA & Canada, we stand by 365/24/7 to help you salvaging the lost data at most affordable inexpensive hard drive repair and RAID restoration service cost with the best possible result. Work in the lab

For nearly 20 years Data Recovery ON Laboratories has served the clients from the United States and Canada to Japan and Australia with a friendly combination of go to the bottom in details service and advanced laboratory science. The computer technicians and regular users appreciate the opportunity to talk about cases with our hands-on managers and are always welcome for a case consult on the specialist to specialist level.

Our ‘personalized profile’ data recovery case entry system matches every demanding customer preferences with every data restoration ordered, helping to insure consistent results that save processing time.

All data recovery cases are completed in timely manner, because we have non-stop processing teams of engineers and technicians working round a clock shifts. And, as a certified data recovery specialist we meet strict requirements for maintaining the data safety in the clean room facility to make sure every bit of information will be retrieved and delivered to the data media owner.

Whether you are looking for the latest in advanced data restoration technology, or fast and dependable data recovery service our labs can meet your needs. Not to mention the cost of our service is the most competitive in the market amongst the high-end companies, who are able to provide the data recovery on the ultra-complex level.

To have a closer look on the real cases completed in our labs, check the latest recovery outcome results.