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Seagate launches world's first USB-Powered Desktop Hard Drive - Innov8 8TB.

Seagate launches 10TB Helium Enterprise Hard Drive and 8 Terabyte Hard Drive for NAS


SanDisk (one of the largest flash memory manufacturer) was acquired by Western Digital.


Seagate completes acquisition of LSI's Flash businesses to boost integrating LSI's Enterprise PCIe flash and SSD controller products.


Hitachi HGST was acquired by Western Digital.

Western Digital announces the first 2.5-inch, 5mm thick drive, and the first 2.5-inch, 7mm thick drive with two platters.
Last available models: WD5000LPVT is 500 GB, WD3200LPVT is 320 GB, and WD2500LPVT is 250 GB.

TDK demonstrates 2TB on a single 3.5-inch platter

Hitachi announces helium-filled hard disk drives, promising cooler operation and the ability to increase the maximum number of platters from five to seven in the 3.5" form factor.


First 4.0 terabyte hard drive from Seagate

Seagate completes acquisition of Samsung's HDD business


First Hard Drive Manufactured by using the Advanced Format of 4,096 bytes a block (4K) instead of 512 bytes a block

First 3.0 terabyte hard drive from Seagate and Western Digital


Toshiba buys Fujitsu hard disk drive business