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Hard Drive Repair
as the First Step in Successful Data Retrieving Procedure Clean room equipment

Our team is specialized in the difficult and unusual problems of the hard drive failures and crashes. The art of hard drive repair is the crucial part of data extraction procedure from a delicate digital storage device. Each drive is scrupulously inspected by the professional engineer in the clean lab environment before running any live tests on the drive. This standard procedure is a must - to protect sensitive internal disk platters coating from the contacts with stuck or dangling broken heads or any other damaged internal parts.

Everything must be fixed in the hard drive before disks spin up, otherwise the drive may never start up normally again, and user data may be lost forever. This is why it is so important to choose the right pros to do the right job, no mistakes are allowed for data safety's sake. Many of IT professionals and digital device users trust our services with their problem of seemingly unrecoverable data. Yet, lost data can be recovered whether the hard drive has failed, been damaged or been a victim of a natural disaster.

The hard drive is not functioning. What causes the Hard Drive Failure?

Most of hard drive malfunctions reside in their natural mechanical issues caused by moving parts or inherent in electronics and software glitches. Other mishaps with drives happen through carelessness to HDD as a delicate piece of data storage equipment.
The list of incidents causing hard drives to fail and lose data is growing, yet most of those causes our lab successfully deals with daily, such as physical damage, electrical/power surge, and errors of human nature. Any instance of data loss requires a serious approach to the problem, regardless the issue. Seemingly simple case, when files have become inaccessible may turn out into a serious data recovery task, like fixing mechanical failure with the head crash or motor failure.

How can we help to recover from Hard Drive Data Loss Disaster?

Data recovery is a complex process that is not limited to trivial parts replacing, as what may suggest some of computer repair guru online. There are so much more to professional data recovery services, such as use of cutting-edge hard drive recovery equipment and processes that generate from the broad investment in R&D and nearly 20 years experience in this field. As an example of the recovery techniques used includes:

  • In case of mechanical failure, hard disk recoveries are performed in dust-free clean-room environment where they are carefully dismounted, examined and processed.
  • Hard drives are imaged. A copy of the failed disk is made and transferred to a new system.

NOTICE: Attempting to do this on your own or through an inexperienced provider may lead to further damage to the drive, causing the permanent data loss.