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External Hard Drive

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External Hard Drives

External hard drives are very handy to copy, archive to backup, or store data separately from computer. As easy attachable additional hard drives with rapidly growing storage capacity (measured today in terabytes even for modest models) combined with fast data transfer standards implemented by quicken microchip technology made them attract our attentions as the major data storage at home or work.

Of course, as any other digital data storage, the external drives are the subject of the same data loss risks. The hard drives that are used in the external devices may suffer from the same factors as the internal computer drives. Some of the models may be notoriously failure-prone, vulnerable to degradation by the environment (oxygen, heat, sunlight, humidity, liquids, dust) and human mishandling (scratched, cracked, bent, misplaced, etc.). Like other magnetic backup media, they are frequently damaged by strong electromagnetic fields emitted by close strong transmitters or other apparatus.

On one hand, the portable drives allow more flexibility and convenience in usage, yet on the other they can be easily damaged. The pocket drives are prone to be lost, get through laundry wash, or get bumped and broken. The latest models of external hard drives come with elaborated hardware encryption to protect your data files from unauthorized access. This makes data decryption as part of our data recovery project and we will succeed if you provide the correct login credentials and password.

The data recovery from the external hard drives is almost the same as from their internal relatives; the difference can happen if the external drive holds the encrypted hardware. For that kind it is essential that the owners of such drives are to provide the whole unit of the failed device, including the enclosure. Evidently, many of the users have no idea that their external devices have some sorts of the hardware encryption before its crash - so naturally, after the device is failed the owners remove the drive from its casing in the order to seek the data restoration without knowing that in the order to finalize the data recovery process - the external drive enclosure must be present to start the decryption process on the recovered data. So, if you are not sure about your device, it is always recommended to send the whole unit out to data recovery – just to avoid any delays in finalizing the result of data recovery process.

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