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Computer Data Recovery

If your computer is not detecting the hard drive, that can be due to a variety of issues. Ideally, the drive with your data must be removed from the system before you or someone for you will start running any computer tests or making repairs. To make sure the data on the original drive will not suffer from further damage - run computer diagnostic with the spare drive installed into the system.

Otherwise, the condition of already unstable/failing drive with data can dramatically deteriorate during computer testing. Even the simple spinning of idling drive with the slightly damaged heads can bring the internal disk platters, containing the data to beyond recoverable condition. Overusing of failing drives after its initial crash is the major turmoil for our data retrieval experts to work on. Overusing of failing drives

In computing, professional help may be required due to the digital corruption or physical damage to the storage device such as internal or external hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), USB flash drives, RAID subsystems, and other electronic media.

The most common data recovery scenario involves a hard disk drive failure, when the data cannot be easily accessed for reading. Our laboratory is specializing in difficult cases, when the drive itself has failed permanently, and our focus is rather on a one-time recovery for salvaging whatever data can be read.